Przhewalsky Museum

Famous Russian traveller of the XIX century Nikolay Przhevalsky was one of the first made an expedition to Central Asia.

Particularly he was fascinated by Issyk Kul Lake and beautiful places located in the vicinity. His travel and way of life, he completed in 1888 at a place where is the current Karakol.

In the place where he was buried, there is a memorial complex.
The museum exhibit dedicated to the life of the traveller. It contains more than 500 exhibits, including photos, documents, awards, and personal belongings to Przhewalsky.

In the centre of the memorial is a monument to the penalty, on the front side of which the profile of the traveller is cleared, and on top sits a bronze eagle, like singing the glory of a scientist.

Behind the monument is the tomb of Nikolai Mikhailovich. The territory of the memorial complex is seated as a beautiful orchard.