The main settlement of the Issyk Kul region of Kyrgyzstan is the Karakol town. It is located directly at the base of the majestic Terskey Ala-Too mountain range. Not far from the city, at a distance only 12 km, lies the magnificent Lake Issyk Kul. Only a little more than 65 thousand people live in the city. The climatic features of this area are unique. On the one hand, the impact on the climate is exerted by Issyk-Kul, on the other is the Tien Shan mountain ranges. Therefore, the air here is unusually clean, light and fresh.

Karakol is known for neat avenues in which huge poplars grow. Another attraction of the city is fragrant apple orchards. In this village, various cultural traditions intertwined and merged together. Here, the locals and visitors of the city Trinity Orthodox Church and the Dungan Mosque peacefully coexist and delight with their beauty.

Karakol can be a great starting point for a trip to the nearby attractions, nearby mountain ranges, and deep gorges. In the summer season, you can often find backpackers hiking in various directions. In winter here come lovers of skiing.