Chunkurchak Gorge

In terms of size, this gorge is small. It is located near the headwaters of the Alamedin River. Chunkurchak gorge is 45 km from Bishkek.

Chunkurchak is known for being in its vicinity a unique conservation area. The main purpose of the reserve is to save from the extinction of the rarest varieties of beautiful tulip flowers. This area is famous for being home to the magnificent Royal Tulip. This flower is unique because under suitable conditions it can be stretched as high as 17 cm!

In addition to tulips, Chunkurchak is famous for its Pigeon Falls. Its height is about 40 meters. It attracts tourists and pleases the eye: its waters flow down the natural rocky steps.

Climbers have chosen the gorge for a large number of rocks, the height of which does not exceed 2 hundred meters. Real athletes sometimes even organize climbing competitions in the area.