Shah Fazil

This stunning beauty and grandeur of the historical and cultural complex located in the Jalal Abad region. The distance from Kerben to Shah Fazil is only 10 km. On the territory of this amazing complex, there are many unique attractions, including the Archa Mazar mountain peak, a mosque dating from the 18th-19th centuries, and several ancient mausoleums, the oldest of which, the Shah Fazil mausoleum, dates from the 11th century and is a legacy of the Karakhinids.

The Shah Fazil mausoleum in shape is an even square. The construction was constructed in such a way that each of the 4 walls corresponded exactly to the location of one of the 4 cardinal points. The building rises by 15.5 meters. It is crowned by a giant dome resembling a cylinder in shape.

Inside, Shah Fazil is richly painted with original floral patterns. Scientists have discovered an interesting fact: this mausoleum is the burial place of the ancient Shah Mahmud-ibn-Nasyr from the Karakhinid dynasty.

Nowadays this place is a very interesting tourist attraction for visiting.