Kokomeren gorge

“One of the most beautiful roads” in the country is the one that the Kokomeren River laid for itself. It flows between the valleys of Suusamyr and Zhumgal. The area where the river flows is called Kokomeren gorge. It is located in the southwestern part of the Naryn region, 200 km from the city of Bishkek.

Kokomeren is a river formed by the confluence of the Western Karakol and Suusamyr rivers. A feature of Kokomeren is red woody talus, you can watch these slopes from the opposite bank, where there are trees and small lagoons.

This place is quite popular among travellers, rafters and ordinary people. On the map of Kyrgyzstan, it is difficult not to notice a wide valley – the bottom of a giant gorge along which a stormy river spreads.