Chon Ak Suu Gorge

Another name for this gorge is Grigoryevskoye. It is located at a distance of 6 tens of kilometers from the urban settlement Cholpon Ata. The gorge smoothly descends along the slope of Kungei Ala-Too and stretches for a distance of 35 km along the coast of the magnificent Issyk Kul Lake.

The slopes of Chon Ak Suu are steep and dotted with coniferous forests. A raging mountain river filled with clear waters of glaciers flows through the gorge. Its coast is a place of growth of sea buckthorn, barberry, and raspberry bushes.

For the entire summer period, the gorge becomes one large Yurt settlement. Such a peculiar camp is set up by locals who are distinguished by extreme hospitality. Travelers here are well received, arrange for them improvised excursions, and get acquainted with the traditions of nomads.

Chon Ak Suu is famous for its moraine lakes, which are three in the district: Lower, Middle, and Upper. Their location is not difficult to guess by the names. Trekking to the lakes brings a lot of pleasure to tourists.

Outside the Upper Mountain Lake, emerald, dense alpine meadows begin. Also in this area, rise two famous mountains, the peaks of which are densely covered with snow: the Kum Bel peak, 4200 m high, and the Eshenbulak peak, a little over 4640 meters high.