Barskoon Gorge

The southern coast of the magnificent Issyk Kul Lake is the location of the beautiful Barskoon Gorge. It is located near Karakol, only eight tens of kilometres. The length of Barskoon is 30 meters. At the source of the gorge, steppe grasses and a small shrub grow. As you move along the gorge, the flora becomes richer. The unique fir trees of the Tien Shan settled on its slopes. They are followed by juniper thickets.

The path leading to the gorge opens interesting and even fun monuments to the eyes of travellers. There is an old lorry of the Soviet Union, which proudly rises on the platform. It is interesting to see the bust of  Yuriy Gagarin, located nearby. The great astronaut and discoverer of space distances once came to rest to Issyk Kul, already upon his return from the legendary flight.

The mountains surrounding the gorge fascinate with the beauty of their peaks covered with a snow blanket. The highest and most beautiful are the peaks of the Heroes of Panfilov and the World Peace Council. Their height is 4 km 610 m and 4 km 310 m, respectively.

A real attraction of the gorge is cascading waterfalls, which have enchanting and very poetic names, such as Tears of Barca or Spray of Champagne.

Through Barskoon lies the path to the Kumtor mine, rich in gold deposits. In some nearby ponds, small particles of golden sand shining in the sunlight sometimes come across.