Ala Bel Pass

On the highway along the route from Osh to Bishkek and back, there is a kind of control point: Ala Bel pass. It is located at around 3 km 175 m in height. The exact location of the pass is Talas Ala-Too.

Ala Bel is a kind of connecting thread between two mountain valleys: Suusamyr and Chychkan. Climb to the pass and descend from it has a fairly steep slope.

Ala Bel is surrounded by mountains. In winter, the area resembles a snow-white desert, since the mountain peaks are abundantly covered with snow.

Immediately after the pass is lush green meadows. The most beautiful period here is the time of their flowering when the whole area is fragrant with bright herbs. Not far from the road runs the rapid Chychkan River.