Climate and Weather

The weather of Kyrgyzstan is generally sunny, it rains on average about 70 days a year. The climate of Kyrgyzstan is continental because Kyrgyzstan is located away from the oceans. Although summer can be quite warm in the cities, in the mountains it is comparatively cool even in the hottest months. Winters are cold and snowy, especially in the high mountains. The days are usually much warmer than the nights, but in general, the climate in Kyrgyzstan is quite pleasant, with sharply distinct seasons.

In Bishkek, winters are mostly sunny, but often with fogs and snowstorms. The daily average temperature reaches 3 ° C in winter. In spring, the weather in Kyrgyzstan is usually mild, and the first hottest days begin in May and June. During the summer, the average temperature is 31 ° C, but it can increase to 45 ° C. There are air conditioners in many places, but not everywhere. In autumn, rainy days become more frequent. In general, spring and autumn are shorter, than the winter and summer.

The weather in Issyk-Kul is colder than in Bishkek, which makes it more popular in the hot summer months. During the summer season, the average high temperature is 19 ° C, so you can swim in the lake, but nights there are cold. In winter, the temperature decreases to -10 ° C. There are many ski resorts and it gives more opportunities for winter sports, as much as it snows a lot and the winter is quite cold.

At high altitudes, the temperature is never high, it may snow the whole year-round. Summer can be warm, with an average temperature in July is 17 ° C in Naryn. Despite this, it can snow at any time, and nights can be quite cold, so tourists are recommended to bring warm clothes. In some regions of Kyrgyzstan, the temperature decrease to -27 ° C, and sometimes even lower.
The thick snow makes many roads impassable, so some destinations can only be reached in summer. The weather of Kyrgyzstan in mountains is quite unpredictable, with sudden changes that can leave unprepared travelers frozen, wet and in serious danger.

It is warmer in Osh than in the northern part of Kyrgyzstan: the temperature is over 30 ° C, and nights are not so cold. Usually, winter there is cold, with average minus temperature, but in most parts the rainy days are more common than the snowy day. Besides, if the air conditioner is not set everywhere, there is heating in winter.