Official and National Holidays of Kyrgyzstan

January 1 – New Year’s
January 7 – Orthodox Christmas
February 23 – Defenders of the Fatherland Day
March 8 – Women’s Day
March 21 – Nooruz
May 1 – Labor Day
May 5 – Constitution Day
May 9 – Victory Day
August 31 – Independence Day
November 7 – Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution

Two Muslim holidays “Orozo Ait” and “Kurman Ait” are determined annually according to the lunar calendar and are established annually by separate decrees of the Government of Kyrgyzstan.

There are many international holidays in Kyrgyzstan, such as New year’s or International Women’s Day, also some holidays left from Soviet Union and some since independence.

Let’s talk in more detail about Nooruz holiday, as our one of the main holiday.

Nooruz – the first day of the beginning of spring. The word “Nooruz” translates as “new day”.  Nooruz is the equality of day and night; Beginning of a season of growth and prosperity.

On the day of the holiday, each family was set on the table – a white tablecloth with various dishes. To treat the neighbors, they prepared a traditional food, commonly called “sumelek”, made from wheat malt with flour, butter and sugar. On the eve of the holiday, people put in order housing, paid off debts, make peace with with everyone with whom they were in a quarrel. The old people claimed, when Nooruz enters their homes, all illnesses and failures must go away.