The top souvenirs to bring back from a trip in Kyrgyzstan

If you love handicrafts, then Kyrgyzstan will surprise you not only with its magnificent nature, but also with very high-quality national handmade products. Therefore, when leaving, be sure to bring a couple of souvenirs with you as a memory of an unforgettable vacation in Kyrgyzstan.

Felt products

Since ancient times, felt has played a huge role in the life of Kyrgyz nomads, and to this day, felt made in Kyrgyzstan is considered the best in the world. Almost anything can be made from felt therefore, during your trip to Kyrgyzstan you can buy felt products in the form of slippers, bags, hats, toys, as well as various interior items. A felt carpet, one of the main national souvenirs, is also an excellent gift option. Such products are sold in markets and souvenir shops. Alternatively, you can purchase felt products in Kochkor from women who specialize in felt.

Local food

Both adults and children will be glad to various local delicacies. The Osh Bazaar, for example, has a huge selection of different foods that you can take with you. Dried fruits, dairy products such as kurut, Kyrgyz honey, which is considered one of the best in the world, jam and much more, are very popular. And, of course, for lovers of alcohol, the best option would be Kyrgyz cognac, for example, “Kyrgyzstan”, “Bishkek”, “Manas”, “Epos” and others.


Jewelry has been revered in Kyrgyzstan since ancient times. Silver jewelry with national patterns and precious stones is especially popular. You can find a wide variety of gold and silver items in the national style or with the image of various signs, presented in the form of bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces and more. Such a gift will truly become unforgettable. Such jewelry is sold in jewelry stores.


Ceramics are also very popular among tourists. Dishes, plates, cups and vases with national patterns are popular. Such a souvenir will be an excellent gift for a wife, mother, daughter and those who are interested in ceramics.

National clothes, musical instrument, leather goods

If you are looking for something unusual, then the Kyrgyz national clothes, in the form of a national costume, fur hats, scarves, vests and much more, will become a memorable gift. The men’s national dress made of felt “kalpak” will also be an original version of the gift.

Komuz, a Kyrgyz folk musical instrument made of wood, will be a great gift for everyone, because almost everyone loves music. If you are looking for something smaller, there are various musical instruments.

Leather goods are also common in Kyrgyzstan. You can bring a bag, shoes or, for example, a belt.