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Would you like us to break new ground? Or would you like to go to an established Nomad's Land destination? Your global options are listed here.
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When would you like to travel and for how long? Do you have a particular date in mind or would you like to use an existing trip date?
When would you like to travel?

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We have a number of different trip styles to cater to your travel preferences. Do you prefer a five-star epic luxury or a cozy and quaint three-star explorer experience? Interested in multiple sports, wine tastings or do you just want to ride like the pros?
Discovery: Cultural programs without or with limited physical activity
Discovery+: Ideal for one-day hikes lovers and active discovery of a country
Trekking: Perfect for a total immersion out of time in the nature and the nomadic culture, daily walk or ride 4 to 6 hours
Trekking Summit: Ideal for travellers who want a real physical challenge, an adventure of a lifetime, daily walk or ride 6 to 8 hours, without or with peak's ascent
Horseriding experienced: Tick it if you are already horseriding experienced, so that we could adapt the horses you need for the level you have

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This is where the real fun begins! Our Trip Designers work with you to add the right ingredients to satisfy your group. Perhaps Christine wants to ride a little and John wants to ride a lot? Rick is passionate about architecture, but Michelle wants to enjoy a spa? Anything is possible!

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Let us know who and how many people will be traveling with you. John, Susan and a few more couples? Celebrating your 50th?

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