Our mission: 

One of the priorities of our company is following the principles of sustainable tourism, for example, through the cooperation and support of the local population. We support a diverse and communicative corporate culture, striving for a sustainable future and improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our community.

We are committed to meeting the needs of our tourists, showing them beautiful places, acquainting them with the culture and traditions of the nomadic people, helping local communities develop their businesses, positively influencing the environment, and contributing to the preservation of natural and cultural monuments of Kyrgyzstan.


Sustainability Policy

As a travel company that interacts with various stakeholders in the tourism industry (consumers, guides, travel agencies, hotels, transport companies, restaurants and attractions), Travel Land understands its key role and impact on the sustainable development of tourism. Therefore, we are committed to sustainability. We are committed to following, implementing and promoting best practices in sustainable development to maximize the positive impact and minimize the negative impact of our operations on tourism, and to encourage our customers and partners to do the same.

Our sustainability policy is divided into 9 themes. Each topic consists of a set of principles and related practices:

1. Sustainability management and legal compliance
We are committed to implementing sustainable development management using an accessible and written sustainability policy aimed at reducing the negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts of the company’s activities.

2. Internal governance: social policy and human rights
We are committed to sustainable internal governance, with a clearly defined social policy that complies with national legal standards.

3. Internal governance: environment and public relations
We are committed to protecting the environment and strengthening public relations in an effort to reduce negative environmental impact.

4. Transport
We aim to ensure that the vehicles used on the tours do not cause more than average pollution. We believe that transport is an important aspect of sustainable tourism and we do our best to reduce the average level of pollution.

5. Accommodation
We aim to create a sustainable tourism supply chain. Partner accommodations play an important role in achieving this by stimulating and motivating the adoption of sustainable practices.

6. Tours and activities
We place a very high value on animal and community welfare and aim for tours that leave only a small footprint. We protect the authenticity of communities and the environment and are strongly against harming wildlife and pollution.

7. Tour leaders, local representatives and guides
We aim to attract as many locals as possible by hiring them in the tourism business. We stand for a fair and safe work environment that supports and respects local communities.

8. Destination
We are committed to maximizing positive impact and minimizing negative impact on the destination to ensure the sustainability of the places where we operate.

9. Communication with clients and protection
The well-being of our customers and information are very important to us. At Travel Land, we provide clear and consistent communication and high protection for clients.

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