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III World Nomad Games 2018

Guaranted departure: 01.09.2018
Duration: 10 days\ 9 nights
Group Size: 10 persons (Every next group will have separate guide and vehicle). 
1150 USD\pax TWN\DBL room accomodation, 1280 USD\pax Single room accommodation

The Kyrgyz land is a place of the untouched wild nature where the people from ancient times still keep their traditions, customs and culture. In the mountains, you can meet the modern nomads who do not change their lifestyle for centuries. Their simple life can go into the yurt, a felt house that Kyrgyz nomads set so skillfully and decorate it with such love by multi-colored carpets. A lot of incredible discoveries and positive impressions expect you during this trip.

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Nous avons choisi d'aller au Kirghizistan pour découvrir un pays tout en ayant des vacances orientées natures/balades plutôt que visites de villes et de musées. L'organisation du voyage a été bien faite et a su s'adapter aux aléas (avalanches...). Nous avons donc pu profiter des paysages, activités et poser toutes nos questions sans avoir à... read more

Vinciane Mange un'Ours

Great trip with one of your car! It was my first time in Kyrgyzstan, and I cannot wait to come in back. I definately recommend them, see you for the next trip!