This is one of the oldest urban settlements in Kyrgyzstan. Geographically, Uzgen is located near the city of Osh, 56 km northeast. The population of Uzgen is small. About 50 thousand people live here.

This settlement was formed in the 7th-9th centuries. An important trade route stretched across its territory between the Central Asian region and Kashgar.

Today, the urban landscape is decorated with ancient architectural monuments. Uzgen can rightfully be proud of the unique historical and architectural complex located on its territory. It includes an extraordinarily beautiful minaret, towering a distance of 27 meters. Also, magnificent sights, which the complex includes, are 3 mausoleums and madrassas at once. In these places, there are burials of members of the great dynasty of Karakhinids.

The material for the construction of all buildings was burnt brick and ceramics. On the outside of the building, there are original ornaments and stucco decorate.

On the territory of the city are mosques dating from the 19th century. These buildings have undergone restoration and open their doors to all visitors who wish.