Teshik Kul Lake

The Teshik Ala-Too mountain range is famous for its natural attractions. One of them is the mountain lake Teshik Kul. This magnificent beauty pond is located just 38 km from the local settlement of Bokonbaevo, at the very end of the Karamansky Valley.

The height of the lake relative to sea level is approximately 3.5 kilometres.

Teshik Kul has a division into two parts, which communicate with each other using a magnificent waterfall.

Two roads lead to the reservoir. One of them, the eastern one, passes through the Ton pass, and the second, the western one, passes through the Zhalpak Bel pass. Near Teshik Kul there are healing hot springs.

On the way to the pond, you can often meet nomadic shepherds. They are happy to treat travellers with homemade kumis.