Tash Rabat Caravanserai

The unique monument of medieval caravanserai Tash Rabat is located in the Kara Koyun Valley, 90 km from the Naryn and 60 km from the At Bashi village. The building is built of stone and mortar, and all the material was assembled here in the valley.

There are several theories and legends about the origin of the architectural complex, but most likely it was built in the XV century and served as a coaching inn for merchants, passing along the trade route is within reach. Along with this route caravans of Chui and Fergana valleys in Kashgar and back. Height Tash Rabat more than 20 meters, and inside is a maze of connecting the 31 room. Against the backdrop of green meadows of the valley, published a caravanserai looks like a powerful and unapproachable fortress.