Talas Region

It is worth telling about this region of Kyrgyzstan separately because many epic traditions of the Kyrgyz people mention the Talas region as the birthplace of the legendary hero Manas, who managed to unite the people of this state and defend the right to independence. Talas oblast is the northwestern part of Kyrgyzstan. Its territory includes open spaces of the Talas valley and the share of Kyrgyz Ala-Too.

This region borders on neighbouring Kazakhstan with two sides. Between the two states, excellent transport links are established. The population of the region is relatively small: a little more than 230 thousand people live on its entire territory.

The people living here are true patriots of their small homeland. They are proud to be lucky to be born and live in the “land of Manas”. Local residents gladly share their knowledge of the epic and readily conduct improvised excursions to places related to the legendary hero. The sacred place among the Kyrgyz people is considered Gumbez Manasa.

Tourists who are interested in the culture of local peoples, can not ignore this magnificent Mausoleum, which is a true monument of ancient architecture.

For those who want to not only relax, but also to replenish their treasury of knowledge, Talas Region is an ideal option for travelling.