Talas is the administrative centre of the Talas region of Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the north-east at an altitude of 1280 m, 360 km from Bishkek.
The city’s population is just over 33,000 peoples. Through the city flows the river of the same name.
To get to the city can be in two ways: through neighbouring Kazakhstan Republic or on the road through the mountain pass Otmok between Chui and Talas valleys.

Although Talas is considered a relatively small city, it has won great fame because, according to legend, here was born and lived Kyrgyz people famous hero Manas.

A few kilometres from the city is the mausoleum (Gumbez) ​​Manas. Also in the vicinity are the gallery of petroglyphs and rock art, there are also parking places of ancient man.