Son Kul

Son Kul lake is the second largest lake in Kyrgyzstan, with an area of ​​278 square kilometers. It is situated in a valley between two mountain ranges at an altitude of 3016 m.

The depth of the Son-Kul lake reaches 14 m. The lake is inhabited by 10 species of fish, and on its banks, you can see up to 70 species of birds, including waterfowl.

Water is Son-Kul extremely transparent, and it should be noted that it can change its colour – from blue sky on a clear day, to purple on a cloudy day. The eastern part of the lake is part of the Karatal Zhapyryk National Wildlife Refuge.

The surrounding landscape is essentially free of trees and spacious meadows around the lake since ancient times are the pastures where cattle herders-fit during the summer, while they themselves live in a traditional dwelling – Yurta. By the Son-Kul lake, you can drive on mountain roads from 4 sides.