Skazka Canyon

The southern coast of the magnificent Issyk Kul Lake is famous for its unusual, mysterious point on the map of Kyrgyzstan, the Skazka Canyon, located 4 km from the Tosor settlement.

This local landmark got its name because of the winding and amazing mountain landscape. For many years, the wind-sculpted bizarre figures from the rocks, similar to the sculptures of mythical, fairy-tale heroes, which now so fascinate travellers.

The canyon is divided into conventional zones, some of which have their own names. For example, in the “Tale” there is a site called the “Wall of China”. It is not difficult to guess by the name that this site looks like a great work of ancient Chinese architects, known to the whole world.

Also in this place, you can see amusing sculptures of a hippo, a dragon, a sleeping giant, created by nature itself. In the canyon, travellers can enjoy plenty of huge rocky natural castles.

The canyon is full of all kinds of rocks that differ in texture and colour, so stone sculptures are interesting not only for their shape but also for their colour palette.