Shamsi Gorge

The distance of the gorge from Bishkek is 120 km. Shamsi is rightfully called one of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. Its slopes are unusually gentle and narrow, dotted with rocky ledges. A mountain river called Shamsi flows here. The pond is very stormy, with an impressive number of large rapids.

Majestic firs and pines grow in the Gorge. Gorgeous subalpine meadow zones lie nearby. They are used to graze livestock by local shepherds.

Shamsi is a natural habitat for wild representatives of the animal world. In the vicinity of the gorge is the Shamsinsky pass. Its height relative to sea level is 3 km 500 m. It is a kind of thread connecting two valleys -Chuy and Kochkor.

Shamsi carefully harbors the secrets of antiquity. A golden mask was once discovered on its territory. The elders of these places suggest that its owner was Queen Shamsi. In her honor, the gorge received its name.