Sary Chelek Nature Reserve

This famous protected area of ​​Kyrgyzstan is under the protection of UNESCO. Geographically, the Sary Chelek reserve is spread across the valleys and slopes of two majestic mountain ranges: Chatkal and At Yonok. The reserve covers an area of ​​23.9 square kilometres. It was founded in 1959. The main purpose of the protected area is to preserve the natural beauty and populations of animals and plants of walnut-fruit forests and highlands.

In this area, there is a magnificent Sary Chelek Lake, which ranks third in size among all the lakes of Kyrgyzstan.

The reservoir is fresh, covers an area of ​​about 5 square kilometres. Sary Chelek is a very deep lake. In some places, the distance from the surface of the water to the bottom reaches 246 meters. Translated into Russian, Sary Chelek is the “Yellow Cup”.

It is worth coming here in autumn when the foliage of trees growing on the coast plays with magnificent autumn colours. Yellow-orange trees are reflected in the water surface, so Sary Chelek as if acquires a beautiful golden hue.

In addition to this reservoir, the protected area includes six lakes and river arteries of various parameters.

The climatic conditions in the reserve are very comfortable and mild. In summer it is warm, in winter it is not snowy. Walnut, fruit trees and berry bushes grow in large numbers here.

Flora and fauna of the reserve are very rich. In a good neighbourhood, deer, muskrats, wild boars, fallow deer, capricorns, and many others coexist on the same territory. The world of birds is no less diverse. More than 150 species of birds live here.