Saimaluu Tash Tract

One of the most interesting sights of Kyrgyzstan is called the Saimaluu Tash tract. This tract is one of the largest collections of petroglyphs in the world. This place is geographically located at a distance of 2 hundred km from the urban settlement of Jalal Abad.

The height of the gallery relative to sea level varies in the range from 2 km 800 m to 3 km 400 m. Saimaluu Tash occupies an impressive territory. Petroglyphs of different times coexist within the gallery, from the most ancient times (even before our era) and ending with medieval monuments. A lot of large and small stones with petroglyphs carved on them are scattered throughout the entire tract district.

If you carefully look at each image, you can slowly restore the course of history, track changes in culture and outlook on the lives of people of different generations.

Saimaluu Tash is, first of all, a collection of invaluable knowledge. Pictures on stones paint the life of ordinary people. Here you can find pictures of everyday life. The scenes of hunting, cultivation of lands, religious rituals fascinate with beauty and the smallest details.

Drive to Saimaluu Tash only in the summer. In other months, the road sweeps in deep snow.