Padysh Ata Nature Reserve

The reserve complex Padysh Ata is one of the interesting attractions of the Jalal Abad region. This reserve is located in the west of the Tien Shan. This picturesque corner with pristine nature occupies a rather impressive territory of more than 30.5 thousand hectares.

Padysh Ata was founded relatively recently, in 2003, and is intended mainly for the protection and preservation of the flora and fauna of juniper forests. Fir Semenov, a unique plant grows in this reserve. Also in the protected area perfectly settled snow leopard.

Jalal Abad region is known to locals and visitors for the huge number of holy places in the vicinity. For example, the reserve can boast of the presence of the sacred Mazar Padysh Ata on its territory. Adherents of esoteric and ecological tourism will learn a lot of new and interesting things for themselves in this area.