The history of Osh is full of various legends. According to some reports, this settlement received on its territory both King Solomon with his military campaigns, and the great Greek commander Alexander the Great. Here the life of the legendary conqueror Babur, one of the representatives of the Timurids passed.

On the territory of this ancient city, the cultural features of different centuries merge together. In front of the eyes of curious travellers, magnificent architectural monuments and majestic old buildings, mosques, and madrassas appear.

The centre of the village is famous for Sulaiman Too Mountain. A cultural complex with the same name is founded here. A huge number of pilgrims visit these places every year. Popular among the tourists the local market. Bazaar counters are located directly under the open sky. Here you can enjoy the creations of hardworking artisans and plunge headlong into a special, colourful Asian trade.

The city of Osh can be chosen as a starting point, heading to other nearby settlements. Road transport is well developed here. From here you can easily get, for example, to the Pamirs or Bishkek. Here there is a functioning airport.