Kochkor Village

Another amazing point on the map of Kyrgyzstan is the Kochkor village. This picturesque corner is located in the central part of the valley with the same name Kochkor. About 15 thousand people permanently live in this village, the main activity of which is farming and cattle breeding.

Residents of Kochkor are distinguished by special hospitality. Travelers are always welcome here. Local settlers are happy to host tourists, and willingly introduce them to the details of traditional nomadic life. In Kochkor, you can even try on the role of a nomad yourself, try living in a Yurt, and enjoy traditional nomadic food and drinks.

The village is famous for a large number of workshops in which experts in various crafts work. Travelers can purchase handmade souvenirs from them.

The nature of the village is amazing! Kochkor is surrounded by emerald meadows and lush pastures (jailoo). In this area you can comfortably spend time, relax from everyday life and enjoy a serene peace.