Kel Tor Lake

One of the most magnificent beauties of the high mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan is Kel Tor Lake. This pond is located in the Northern Tien Shan, in a gorge of the same name. Not far from this place is another mountain gorge named Kegety.

The height of the lake relative to sea level is 2 km 700 m. The picturesqueness of the reservoir delights and amazes the imagination. Sky-blue waters are surrounded on all sides by majestic mountain ranges.

The western part of the coast is famous for dense coniferous forests, and the east of the lake is covered with emerald green grass carpet.

Also, this point on the map of Kyrgyzstan is known for its bizarre mountain peak located here, which locals call the “Sugarloaf”. The height of this mountain is about 4 km 200 m.