Kazarman Village

The settlement of Kazarman is conveniently located in the eastern part of the Jalal Abad region. The distance from this village to the central city of this region of Jalal Abad is 120 km. The distance to Naryn region is about 220 km. Kazarman is located next to the largest river water artery  “Kyrgyzstan – Naryn River”.

The height of the village is 1 km 310 m. Kazarman is a very popular tourist pilgrimage site. A famous local attraction interesting for travelers is the petroglyphs museum called Saimaluu Tash.

The trip to  Kazarman possible only one month a year, in the summertime  July – August. In early autumn, the expanses of the village are covered with snow, and transport traffic on passes becomes extremely difficult.