Karakol Gorge

South of the city of Karakol, at a distance of 5 km from it, there is a gorge of the same name. This unique canyon stretches 40 km in length and reaches the Terskey Ala-Tau mountain range.

At the very beginning of the gorge, a camp for climbers is set up, which works only in the warm season. The presence of the whole camp is explained by the fact that there are majestic mountain peaks in the area, which is a pleasure to climb. What are the peaks named after Gastello, Przhevalsky, Telman, Zhukov and others. The height of the most popular peaks among climbers varies from 5 km 281 m (Karakol peak) to 4 km 210 m (Fuchika peak).

The slopes of Karakol are rich in vegetation. Here you can find dense thickets of sea buckthorn and rose hips. A bright carpet of flowers and dense emerald grass spread across the entire district.

Closer to the tops of the slopes, the meadows are gradually replaced by a coniferous forest belt passing into an alpine landscape.

The fauna of the gorge is no less diverse than its flora. Karakol is a habitat for roe deer, bears, capricorn, wolves, golden eagles, and many others.

Before the eyes of travellers, in the process of studying the features of the gorge, sights that are imperceptible at first sight and magnificent in beauty will appear mountain lakes, waterfalls and others.