Kara Suu Lake

Near the Taktalyk mountain range in Jalal Abad region, there is a marvellous beauty reservoir Kara Suu Lake. Its height is about 2 km. Geographically, Kara Suu is located very close to the Toktogul reservoir.

The reservoir has a very ancient origin. A few millennia ago, a powerful collapse of rocks occurred, as a result of which a deep and spacious foundation pit appeared.

The distance from the surface of the lake to its bottom is, on average, 90 meters. The length of Kara Suu is 6.5 kilometres, and its width is 2 kilometres. The coast of the reservoir is famous for its Tien Shan firs, mountain ash and barberry thickets and many other interesting plants.

A wonderful feature of the reservoir is the fact that the colour and shade of water open spaces vary depending on the time of day. You can spend days watching the beauty of Kara Suu and always find something new and unusual in its appearance.

Also, from the Kara-Suu gorge, you can get to the pass in the southern part of the Ferghana Range, which leads to the forests of Arslanbob.