Jalal Abad

Jalal Abad town is located in the Kugar Valley. This is the central settlement of the Jalal Abad region. It is located 760 meters above sea level. About 90 thousand people live in the city, and it is the third-largest among all urban settlements of Kyrgyzstan.

The weather in the region resembles the subtropics. The climate is relatively dry. In the summer it’s hot, and the air can warm up to 43 degrees. In winter, Jalal Abad is quite comfortable and warm enough. The average seasonal temperature is kept at 0 degrees.

In ancient times, part of the Great Silk Road passed through the area in which this city stands today. Today the city is booming. On its territory, several large industrial factories are open and work fine at once. There are also branches of the main financial institutions of the state.

You can learn about the city and its features by visiting the local historical museum. For those who want to relax, there are three beautiful park areas.

Not far from Jalal Abad there is a paradise with healing waters and mud therapy, where everyone can comfortably settle in and strengthen their own health. The resort is located just 5 kilometres from the town.