Issyk Kul Lake

This unique reservoir can be called the most magnificent natural treasure of Kyrgyzstan. Often you can hear another name for the lake: “the pearl of Kyrgyzstan”. The name of the lake is literally translated as “hot lake”.

Issyk Kul is framed by a pair of mountain ranges: Terskey and Kungey Ala-Too as if protecting the reservoir from any adversity and trouble. An amazing feature of this greatest Kyrgyz lake is that its surface is not covered with ice even in the coldest winters. The waters of the lake are crystal clear. Only the famous Baikal Lake is ahead by the size of Issyk Kul Lake.

The territory of the lake is spread over more than 6200 square kilometers. The averaged indicator of water depth is 270 m.

Trips to these places are very popular with tourists. Travellers enjoy the freshness of the local air and the beauty of natural landscapes. Climatic conditions on the shores of Issyk Kul are close to marine. Surroundings of the reservoir is a resort area that allows you to have a wonderful rest with your body and soul.