Inylchek Glacier

Inylchek Glacier is the largest glacier in Kyrgyzstan, whose length is about 100 km and a total area of ​​over 800 square km.

The glacier is located in the Central Tien Shan in the northeast part of Kyrgyzstan.

It is divided into North and South Inylchek that were previously united by a glacier and now connected with an ice portion, which is the bottom of Merzbakher lake now.

South Inylchek having an area of ​​567 square km is the largest glacier in the Tien Shan.
Area of the glacier – it is an area of ​​extremely high altitude, where there are two peaks over 7000 meters (Pobeda Peak and Khan Tengri), 23 peaks above 6,000 meters and 80 peaks 5000-6000 m.

In this harsh place, the slopes of mountains covered with snow and ice often observed rainfall. Temperature is stable until the end of the summer and is no more than 7 degrees Celsius.

On Inilchek laid more than 70 climbing routes. There are 2 basic camps in the area located under the slopes of peak Gorky at an altitude of 4000 m. You can get here by helicopter from the intermediate base Maida Adir (80 km to the west of the valley of Inylchek, at the frontier).