Gumbez Manas

One of the most famous monuments of the past, Gumbez Manas is located 22 km north-east of the Talas city. The construction of a mausoleum, a height of approximately 11 meters and an area of about 50 square meters.

Despite its small size, Gumbez Manas has a majestic and magnificent view.

The mausoleum is built of brick, ornamented with patterns Kyrgyz arts and crafts and inscriptions in Arabic.

On top of the mausoleum is covered by a pointed dome. One of the inscriptions on the facade states that the rest daughter of a wealthy emir (ruler) of the Middle Ages.
However, according to legend, this Mausoleum was built by masters from Bukhara and Samarkand on the orders of faithful wife of the legendary Kyrgyz hero Manas – Kanykei, and to distract the enemy, was the inscription that this is the tomb of a rich girl. Now Gumbez Manas is the greatest treasure of national culture, history, and architecture, especially revered with local peoples.