Grigoryevskoye Gorge

In 60 kilometres from the Cholpon-Ata town, on the northern coast of Issyk-Kul Lake, next to the Semenovskoye gorge is the Grigoryevskoye gorge. Both of them are called the most magnificent and picturesque corners of this area.

Grigoryevskoye Gorge is located along the foot of the Kungei Ala-Too mountain range. Its very bottom is washed by a beautiful, deep river with clear water. The slopes of the local mountains became the abode for the magnificent Tien Shan firs. The valley of the gorge is rich in fragrant herbs. An indelible impression on travellers is made by the “carpet” of scarlet poppies, spreading everywhere. Grigoryevskoye Gorge is a place where it is possible to come into contact with pristine, untouched nature.

In the valley on the way of tourists, there will be three whole magnificent mountain lakes. In this place, a rich forest is replaced by a dense alpine meadow. Often here you can meet travellers doing horseback riding or just walking.