Cholpon Ata

The famous resort city of Kyrgyzstan, Cholpon Ata, is located in the Issyk Kul region. Only 11 thousand people live here. At the same time, life here is always seething, since there are a lot of objects attractive for tourists on the territory of Cholpon Ata. There are enough travellers all year round, but there are especially a lot of them in the summer.

It attracts with its vast clean beaches and crystal clear water the coast of Issyk Kul Lake, where is located city.

A large number of sanatoriums and rest houses function in the village, where you can not only relax and distract from everyday problems but also improve your health.

If you want to supplement your knowledge with facts from the history of the city, you need to visit the local historical museum, whose collections tell about the origin and development of the Issyk Kul region.

The city has a beautiful poplar alley, which stretches for a full 5 km. This is a great place for walking and privacy.

There is also the more modern Rukh Ordo facility. This is a cultural complex in which the traditions of the five major world religions are intertwined. Christians, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, and Jews can learn a lot of interesting things and feel the reverent atmosphere of the centre.