Chatyr Kul Lake

This picturesque alpine pond is conveniently located between two mountain ranges: At Bashi and Torugart Too. Chatyr Kul Lake rises to a distance of 3 km 530 m. Its name literally means “heavenly lake”.

Chatyr Kul is one of the largest, more precisely, the third-largest lakes in Kyrgyzstan. The reservoir occupies an area of ​​approximately 175 square kilometres. However, its depth is small. The distance from the water surface to the bottom, on average, is 20 meters.

Chatyr Kul covered by ice almost all year round. And this is not surprising: since large glaciers surround the reservoir from all sides. The lake belongs to the territory of the Karatal Zhapyryk reserve complex. Its coast is a cosy haven for all kinds of fauna representatives. Snow leopards and mountain geese, groundhogs and mountain goats abound here.