Burana Tower

The experts of architectural antiquity can not ignore the Tower of Burana. This historical and cultural object is located at a distance of 80 km from Bishkek, near Tokmok town. The main attraction of this site is the tower of 21 meters. Balbales, stone statues whose origin dates back to 7 – 10 centuries, amaze by their grandeur even the most experienced travelers.

The Burana zone is known for its many archaeological finds. Among them – rock paintings, which, according to scientists, were made in the first millennium BC. Specialists – archaeologists suggest that once there was a site of ancient settlement Balasagun. The local Usun and Karakhinid tribes considered this fortress as the main northern city of the Turkic state.

The big interest for travelers is generated by Suyab. This settlement, which is also called Ak-Beshim, can be found et 6 km away from Burana tower in the north-western part. During  6th – 7th centuries, Suyab was one of the most important economic and cultural centers of the Chui Valley.