Arslanbob Walnut Forest

This picturesque corner of the wildlife of Kyrgyzstan is unique in its kind. Arslanbob walnut forests are located nearby the urban settlement of Jalal Abad, around 50 kilometres north of it. The walnut-fruit forest belt occupies a vast territory of 608 hectares. These are the largest such forests in the world.

The forest flora of Arslanbob is indescribably beautiful and diverse. This territory is a habitat for 130 species of representatives of the plant world. The main one is walnut. These trees are true centenarians. They have been growing for centuries. Some of the largest representatives of walnut trees reach a height of 30 meters, and the circumference of their trunk is about 2 meters. A rich crop of nuts is harvested annually from such trees, the mass of which can range from 200 to 400 kg.

The origin of the name of nuts is explained by one of the local legends. They say that once these places were visited by Alexander the Great, who was delighted with the beauty of the walnut forest. The gifts of nature Macedonian brought to Greece, so they began to call them “Greek”.

But in the forest belt, you can find many other fruit trees and shrubs. Apples and pears, pistachios and cherry plums, cherries and almonds grow in abundance here, and much, much more.

The Arslanbob Valley also boasts other unique sights – mountain ranges and lakes, waterfalls, caves, and grottoes.