Ala Kul Lake

The real treasure of Terskey Ala-Too, carefully sheltered by mountain ranges, can be called Ala Kul Lake, which means “colorful lake”. This glacial pond is located at an altitude of 3 km 532 m, immediately beyond the Ala Kul pass.

The territory of the lake is small, about 1.5 square kilometers. However, the pond is extremely deep. In some places, the bottom of the lake is located at a distance of 70 meters from its surface. Two roads lead to Ala Kul: the first one goes through the pass of the same name, and the second one goes through the Altyn Arashan valley.

The lake is surrounded by icy peaks and colorful rocks. The serene peace of these places has a calming effect on travelers. It truly breathes easily and freely.