The history of Kyrgyz national sports games goes back to the nomadic antiquity, when men have to show their strength and dexterity. It is not surprising that almost all national sports in Kyrgyzstan are associated with horses.

The most popular national sports are equestrian sports. The best-known is the competitive team game of kok-boru, where two teams of 8 people compete in throwing the carcass of a goat at the opponent’s goal. This game requires a lot of stamina, physical strength and skill in managing a horse.

Er-enish is also popular – the struggle of horse riders, the meaning of which is to throw the opponent off the horse. Horse riding and speed racing are also widespread among equestrian sports.

Kok-Boru in Kyrgyzstan | Travel Land

Another important sport for the Kyrgyz is wrestling, and Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling, as well as the national Kyrgyz wrestling on belts, are alish.

And one of the most popular entertainment games is the Chuko game, known in Russian as the game of Alchik.