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III World Nomad Games 2018

Guaranted departure: 01.09.2018
Duration: 10 days\ 9 nights
Group Size: 10 persons (Every next group will have separate guide and vehicle). 
1150 USD\pax TWN\DBL room accomodation, 1280 USD\pax Single room accommodation

The Kyrgyz land is a place of the untouched wild nature where the people from ancient times still keep their traditions, customs and culture. In the mountains, you can meet the modern nomads who do not change their lifestyle for centuries. Their simple life can go into the yurt, a felt house that Kyrgyz nomads set so skillfully and decorate it with such love by multi-colored carpets. A lot of incredible discoveries and positive impressions expect you during this trip.

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Magne Sturød

The guys are wery professional and service minded. We had some problems with one of the cars, but they drove up from Bishkek to Barskoon and gave us another car imediatly. Would definately use them again!


Nous avons fait une boucle de 3 semaines dans le pays, nous avons visité les villes de Bichkek, Och, Jalal Abad, Narin mais nous avons préféré nous promener dans la campagne (Arslambob), de gravir les cols (pour arriver à Kazarman et Tach Rabat) et de faire des balades autour des lacs (Tchatyr Kol, Son Kol). Dormir en yourte a été aussi une... read more