The grand historical and architectural complex of Shah-Fazil is in Alabuka district of Jalal-Abad region, 10 km from the village Kerben. It includes the sacred mountain of Archa-Mazar, the mausoleum of Shah-Fazil (XI c.), Mosque (XVIII-XIX centuries.), Mausoleums Alamberdar and Safid-Bulend (XIX c.), and the cave of the holy hermit.

The unique origin and importance is the mausoleum of Shah-Fazil, since it is one of the rare monuments of the Age Karakhanids.
The four walls of the mausoleum are the same length and addressed specifically to the cardinal. Building height - 15.5 m. The upper part of the mausoleum covered with a huge cylindrical dome. Inside the Shah-Fazil decorated with carved stucco ornamentation of bright colors. Historians found that the mausoleum – is a tomb of Shah Mahmud ibn Nasir, ruler in time of Epoch Karakhanids. Currently, on the historical and architectural complex of Shah-Fazil coming many pilgrims from Central Asia.