Semenov Gorge

Semenov Gorge, a length of about 30 km, is located 40 km from the town of Cholpon-Ata. In the valley flows the river Ak-Suu River, which originates on the glacier.

The slopes of the gorge are covered with thick forests of the Tien Shan fir trees and fragrant mountain herbs. Harsh cliffs and dark green, tall trees are perfectly combined with each other here, and together constitute the landscape of extraordinary beauty.
Among the attractions Semenov Gorge waterfalls can be identified waterfalls on the source of the river Ak-Suu and dammed lake Suttu-Bulak with a sky-blue water.

Hike to them can last more than one day, but it does not be indifferent to any traveler. The Semenov Gorge is also a recreation center, has functioned in Soviet times, which sometimes placed with athletes arriving here for charges.