Karatal-Zhapyryk National Preserve

Karatal-Zhapyryk National Preserve is located in the Bryansk region, south of Lake Son-Kul. The same area of ​​the reserve consists of the river Kara-Tal and Zhapyryk.

The reserve area of ​​14,000 hectares. The reserve is divided into two sides: the Karatal-Zhapyryk and Son-Kul.
The main purpose of the former guard of alpine meadows and spruce forests, the second objective of the protection of rare bird - mountain goose, as the Son-Kul Lake is a place of his breeding.
Moreover Son-Kul Lake is the largest freshwater mountain lake in the country, lake serving as parking place for a lot migratory birds, not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also from the Altai, Siberia and Kazakhstan. Lover ecotourism cultural tourism this place will like, because you can not only enjoy the wonderful nature, but also to plunge into the life of the nomad.