Highland Alai Valley

Highland Alai Valley is located in the south of Kyrgyzstan, between the Alai and Chon-Alai Range. Its length is 150 km, the width of 2-25 km, average height - 3000 m.

The central part of the valley included the basin of the Kyzyl-Suu river. The climate in the valley is dry and cold. Despite this, Alai is rich with meadows, where the grass grows high thick, so you can see a lot of grazing cattle.
World of wild animals are very diverse here live rock partridge, ular, foxes, Alai red marmots, bears, mountain goats. In the river found Amudarya trout.

Chon-Alai Range, enveloping the Alai Valley to the south, rises above the valley on 3000 m and draws to the traveler grandiose scenery of majestic mountains and eternal ice.