Price: 1659 EUR per person

G2. III World Nomad Games

Route of program day by day: 
Day 1. Airport – Bishkek (1 September)
Arrival to Manas Airport in Bishkek where our team will pick up you and drive you to hotel situated in the capital. After breakfast in hotel, we start our city tour in Bishkek. We will visit the heart of the city, Ala-Too Square where the State Historical Museum is located. After the tour in the museum, we can enjoy a walk in the Oak Park, one of the favorite places of local people. Bishkek is known as the greenest city in Central Asia thanks to its countless parks and alleys making the city a great place to live. After lunch, we will have time to visit the local market Osh bazar. Here you can appreciate the creativity and talent of local artisans. Just as you step the market, you plunge into the real oriental atmosphere: an interminable stream of people, a big variety of goods and colors. In the evening, we go to one of the best restaurants in Bishkek where you can taste delicious Kyrgyz national dishes.
Day 2. Bishkek – Issyk-Kul-Sary-Oy (2 September)
Our journey begins with a visit of the Burana Tower. The Burana Tower is an ancient minaret in the Chuy Valley in the north part of Kyrgyzstan. The tower with funerary monuments, earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums – that’s all what last out of the ancient Balasagyn town that was founded by Karakhanids at the end of the ninth century. In Cholpon-Ata, we will discover the cultural and historical complex Ruh Ordo, a spiritual place and monument for 4 main religions of the world and the open air museum of petroglyphs. Lunch on the way. Third World Nomad Games will be held from 2 to 8 September. Nomad Games shows the rich heritage of the nomads. The sports and competitions feature different games that have existed for centuries, including races, horse games, hunting demonstrations, and wrestling. In the evening, the opening ceremony of the Nomad Games starts approximately at 20:30. (The official program will be presented in July) Dinner in the local café. Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3. Sary- Oy –Kyrchyn Gorge-Cholpon-Ata-Sary Oy
After breakfast in the hotel we come back in Cholpon –Ata and Gorge Kyrchyn for the World Nomad Games. Lunch on the way. Dinner in the local café. Overnight at hotel.
Day 4. Sary- Oy –Kyrchyn Gorge-Cholpon-Ata-Sary Oy
This day will continue the visit of World Nomad Games –festival in the Kyrchyn Gorge and competitions in Cholpon-Ata. Lunch on the way. Dinner in the local café. Overnight at hotel.
Day 5. Sary- Oy – Karakol
After the breakfast, we go towards Grigoriev gorge. It is located on the northern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, 60 kilometers from Cholpon-Ata. This place is considered as the most famous attractions of the Issyk Kul region. We go to the first lake at Grigoriev Gorge and we will have a picnic on the shore (if the weather is nice). You can have a walk, enjoy the wild nature around you and have a pleasant pastime in this beautiful place. In the evening, we get the city of Karakol. Dinner and overnight at guesthouse.
Day 6. Karakol –Jety Oguz Canyon - Fairy Tale Canyon - Bokonbaevo
After breakfast, we´ll have a short city tour: visit the beautiful Russian Church made entirely of wood (built without nails), the Dungan Mosque (Dungan’s are minority group of Chinese Muslims living in this region and they originally come from Western China). Then we continue our journey and go Jety Oguz valley. Its name means “Seven bulls”. The name is symbolic, because there are seven huge red-brown rocks resembling ranked furious bulls standing together. Especially romantic look has the rock "Broken Heart" located at the entrance to the gorge. Picnic on the way. After visist of the Jety Oguz we will go to the Skazka canyons, which signify Fairytale. Here you can find objects of surprising shapes and sizes. A real skyscraper or an animal may appear in front of you. Arrival in Bokonbaevo little walking around. Dinner and overnight at guesthouse.
Day 7. Bokonbaevo- Son-Kul
The goal of the day is to reach Son Kul Lake, so we should overcome a mountain pass called Kalmak Ashuu. From the pass, the lake seems very small, but as we go down and approach it, it appears as a big and gorgeous lake. When we arrive to yurt camp, you get to know the hospitality of the nomads, their lifestyle and their customs. On the way, we can visit the Ak-Say canyon. (If the weather is good). The possibility to hike on the top of the nearest mountain (triangulation point) to see the breathtaking landscape. Picnic on the shore or lunch in Kochkor. Dinner and overnight at yurt camp. Note: yurt capacity 6 people. But during the low season you can be accommodated 2 pax per yurt according to the availability.
Yurt camp
Day 8. Son-Kul-Kyzyl-Oy
Kyzyl Oy is a mountain village located at the altitude of about 1800 meters in the valley of the river Kekemeren. Here you can see an extraordinary landscape of majestic mountains surrounding the village. Especially colorful is the red clay covering the mountains from bottom to top. This clay was used as material for house building since the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays some of these houses can be still seen in Kyzyl-Oy. Around village, many wild places with unique flora and fauna and the wonderful ecology allow travelers to relax far away from a big city. Picnic on the way. Dinner and overnight at guesthouse. Optionally: horse riding
Day 9. Kyzyl-Oy-Bishkek
The road to Bishkek passes through the Suusamyr valley and Too-Ashuu mountain pass. From this pass, there is a clear view over the whole valley with green grass and horse’s studs. We will return to the civilization descending from the pass and passing along one of the most important roads of the country. Lunch on the way. After lunch, we will have time to visit the local market and buy some presents. Dinner in the restaurant. Overnight at hotel.
Day 10. Bishkek-Airport
Transfer to the airport. Departure.
Price includes: 
  • All transfers
  • Professional driver
  • English speaking guide
  • Accommodation described in the program in twin /double room
  • Full board
  • Visits described in the program except tickets on World Nomad Games
  • Mineral water