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G1. The heart of Kyrgyzstan

Route of program day by day: 
Day 1. Airport – Bishkek
Briefing on the planned itinerary. City tour. Today we will visit Bishkek’s principal attractions as Ala -Too Square, State Historical Museum, the Oak Park and others. You can enjoy Soviet-style architecture as well as modern monuments and buildings. Bishkek is known as the greenest city in Central Asia thanks to its countless parks and alleys making the city a great place to live. For dinner we go to one of the best restaurants in Bishkek where you can taste delicious Kyrgyz national dishes
Day 2. Bishkek – Burana – Cholpon-Ata
Our journey begins with a visit of the Burana Tower. The Burana Tower is an ancient minaret in the Chuy Valley in the north part of Kyrgyzstan. It is located about 80 km from the capital Bishkek, close to the city of Tokmok. The tower with funerary monuments, earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums – that’s all what last out of the ancient Balasagyn town that was founded by Karakhanids at the end of the ninth century. In Cholpon-Ata we will discover the cultural and historical complex Ruh Ordo, a spiritual place and monument for 4 main religions of the world. After you can try the hot mineral springs known for their health-giving properties. We will stay in Issyk-Kul Resort Hotel situated in the shore of the lake, so you get the fascinating view of the lake similar more to the sea with the gorgeous mountains behind.
Day 3. Cholpon-Ata – Grigoriev and Semienov gorge – Karakol
This day we are going to hike in the Grigoriev and Semienov gorge. They are located on the northern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, 60 kilometers from Cholpon-Ata. This place is considered as the most famous attractions in Issyk-Kul. Pine trees and green hillsides cover the mountains. You can hear the noise of the mountain river with glacial clear water, which flow down to the valley. The middle part of the valley is crowned with two snowy peaks: the peak of Kum-Bel (4200 m) and Eshenbulak peak (4647m). In the evening, we get the city of Karakol.
Day 4. Karakol - Altyn-Arashan - Karakol
This day, we try a special transport on real broken mountain roads; we have to overcome the enormous rocks, ravines and pits. This ride should to be very exciting and fascinating. When we arrive at Altyn-Arashan, the incredible beauty of these places strikes our eyes. Later, swimming in the hot springs is preview.
Day 5. Karakol – Jety Oguz- Barskoon – Tamga
After breakfast, we go Jety Oguz valley. Its name means “Seven bulls”. The name is symbolic, because there are seven huge red-brown rocks resembling ranked furious bulls standing together. Especially romantic look has the rock "Broken Heart" located at the entrance to the gorge. Jety Oguz is also famous for the place named Kok-Jayyk, Valley of Flowers full of poppies in spring. At the upper part of Jety Oguz there are also mountain lakes and waterfalls. After we visit the Barskoon Gorge with impressive nature, which remembers the mountain highway turning to the height of 4 000 m. At the end of the road, you can see the waterfall called Tears of Snow Leopard. At the foot of the mountain, you can also enjoy the beautiful Barskoon River. During the summertime, people build yurts here, so you can try the Kyrgyz traditional drink Kymys and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. In the evening, you will try a real Russian bath "banya".
Day 6. Tamga – Skazka – Toura-Suu – Kochkor
In the morning, we go towards the town of Kochkor by the south shore of the lake; we visit the Skazka canyons, which signify Fairytale. Here you can find objects of surprising shapes and sizes. A real skyscraper or an animal may appear in front of you. In the gorge of Toura-Suu you will see the eagle hunt’s demonstration. In Kochkor we will visit the market and become familiar with the life of the local people. Kyrgyz women show you the process of producing traditional objects made of felt. We will listen to the national music and folk instruments.
Day 7. Kochkor– Son Kul
The goal of the day is to reach Son-Kul Lake, so we should overcome a mountain pass called Kalmak Ashuu. From the pass, Son-Kul Lake seems very small, but as we go down and approach the lake, it appears as a big and gorgeous lake. When we arrive in the yurts camp, you get to know the hospitality of the nomads, their lifestyle and their customs. You will ride the Kyrgyz horses on the large meadows with an unforgettable view of the lake. The horses are very calm so you can enjoy the wonderful landscapes around you.
Yurt camp
Day 8. Son-Kul – Kyzyl-Oy
Kyzyl-Oy is a mountain village located at the altitude of about 1800 meters in the valley of the river Kekemeren. Here you can see an extraordinary landscape of majestic mountains surrounding the village. Especially colorful is the red clay covering the mountains from bottom to top. This clay was used as material for house building since the beginning of 20th century. Nowadays some of these houses can be still seen in Kyzyl-Oy. Around village, many wild places with unique flora and fauna and the wonderful ecology allow travelers to relax far away from a big city.
Day 9. Kyzyl-Oy – Bishkek
The road to Bishkek passes through the Suusamyr valley and Too-Ashu mountain pass. From this pass, there is a clear view over the whole valley with green grass and horses studs. We will return to the civilization descending from the pass and passing along one of the most important roads of the country. After lunch, we will have time to visit the local market and buy some presents.
Day 10. Bishkek – Airport- Departure
Transfer to airport. Departure.
  • Acquaintance with the culture and traditions of the local people
  • Horseback riding
  • Eco-tourism
  • Kyrgyz traditional music show
  • Felt production show
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  • Professional driver
  • Guide
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  • Visits described in the program
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