Visit North and South of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a diverse country known for its unspoiled nature and rich culture. The heart of Central Asia, attracting tourists from all over the world, although small in size, is one of the contrasting countries of the region. To fully learn about it, take a trip to the northern and southern parts of Kyrgyzstan.

North of Kyrgyzstan

The northern part of Kyrgyzstan is more visited by tourists, as the main attractions of the country and related infrastructure are concentrated here. In the north is the city of Bishkek – the capital and main economic, political and industrial city of the country. Most trips around Kyrgyzstan start in Bishkek, one of the reasons – the country’s main airport is also located in the capital.

The most visited and famous lakes of Kyrgyzstan are located in the north of the country: for example, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan – Lake Issyk Kul, one of the most beloved places not only by locals, but also by tourists; Alpine lake Son-Kul, where you can plunge into the life, traditions and culture of nomads and spend the night in a yurt.

If we talk about dialects, then the northern dialect is considered a literary version of the Kyrgyz language, namely the one spoken in the Naryn region. Therefore, if during a trip in Kyrgyzstan, you want to learn Kyrgyz, then you should go to Naryn.

People in the north are less religious and have more Western views and values than those in the south. The majority of the population of the north considers Russian as their native language, in addition to Kyrgyz.

Most of the trekking and horseback riding tours in Kyrgyzstan are organized in the northern regions.

South of Kyrgyzstan

The southern part of Kyrgyzstan is very colorful and you can feel here the mentality of the east. In the south, a more tropical climate prevails, with hot summers and less cold winters compared to the northern regions.

In the south, there is the second capital of Kyrgyzstan – the city of Osh. If you are planning to make a combined tour in Central Asia countries, then Osh will be on your itinerary, because the land borders to neighboring Uzbekistan and Tajikistan pass through it. Famous sights such as Lenin Peak, Sulaiman-Too Mountain, Uzgen Minaret, Sary-Chelek Lake, Arslanbob and others are located here.

The south has the highest population density. The southern dialect of the Kyrgyz language developed under the influence of the Uzbek language, therefore it differs from the northern one.

People in the south are more religious, so on your tour through the southern Kyrgyzstan, you will meet more women wearing hijab, a traditional Muslim dress.